Your Guide to Machine Shop Products, Shops and Services
Software, Job Costing/Estimating/Quoting/Order Entry & Tracking

A User Solution, Inc.
Analog & Digital Peripherals, Inc.
Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.
Camstar Systems, Inc.
CIMCORP Inc. (Dist)
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Command Line Corp.
Compex Intergrated Systems, Inc.
Computer Decisions International, Inc.
COSS Systems Inc.
Creative Software Solutions
DLoG Inc.
e-Manufacturing Networks Inc.
Encompix, Inc.
Exact Software
Epicor Software Corporation
Fourth Shift Corp.
Frontstep, Inc.
Global Shop Solutions
Henning Industrial Software, Inc.
HMS Software
Insite Software Solutions
Intentia North America, Inc.
Intuitive Manufacturing Systems
ITC Intergrated Systems Inc.
K-Form, Inc.
Kentech Inc.
Kewill ERP
KSI Technologies (ShopMate®)