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U.S. and Global Machine Shop Directory
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Welcome to the worlds most comprehensive list of machine shops and network of machining related sites. If you are looking for a machining supplier, you will find our directory organized by location like "California Machine Shops" , by specialty like "Machine shops that specialize in milling and turning", and by certification like "ISO Certified Machine Shops" . In addition we have a massive network of specialized sites listed below which display machine shops and other manufacturers by industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Woodworking, Fabrication and more.

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List of Machine Shops that are ISO Certified, AS9100 Certified.
ISO 13485 Certified, ITAR Registered and More includes thousands of machine shops that have a range of certifications to fit different contract manufacturing needs. ISO 13485 certified machine shops are often the choice of OEMs and other manufacturers who are involved in the production of medical related products. ISO 9001 certified shops have demonstrated an overall high level of quality and process improvement. For industries like aerospace and defense, often machine shops are required to have the AS9100 certification and ITAR registration. Regardless of your exact needs, chances are, has the perfect supplier for you. If you are looking for machining services, we have an extensive network and are more than happy to do the leg work to find that vendor for you. Just shoot Pete an email and we will set you up with a company to quote your job:

List of Small Machine Shops as Suppliers for Contract Manufacturing is focused on helping small machine shops with their online visibility through our free machine shop listing service. For companies that really want to kickstart their lead generation, we also provide those companies with inexpensive paid opportunities to get listed on the front page of this site, and also to have access to hundreds of other specialty sites like, or If you are looking for a supplier of machining services we hope that you will take some time to browse through some of the shops listed by state in your vicinity, and choose a supplier from our list of qualified vendors.

List of Machine Tool Suppliers and CNC Machine Original Equipment Manufacturers
The OEMs listed below are key players in U.S. manufacturing and they are pivotal in keeping American machine shops running. The companies featured include those offering cutting tools, tooling inserts, machining centers, 2,3,4, and 5 axis machines, cutting and grinding tools, edm, and laser machines. If you are in the market for upgraded or new equipment for your machine shop, please take a look at their websites.


Featured Machine Shop and Manufacturer Listings
Some of our top partners include companies from a wide range of industries that contract the machine shops on, including companies that provide die cutting services, metal stamping services, plastic injection molding, metal casting, electronics manufacturing, rubber molding and more. Please take a look at our featured manufacturer listings to see if any of the companies shown here would be a good fit for your manufacturing needs.

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Manufacturing and Machine Shop Support Services
The companies shown below offer specialized support services to manufacturers. Some of the services represented include marketing services, website design and development, consulting, machine tools and machine sales, metrology, and various equipment suppliers for machine shops. The machine shop support vendors listed below have a long track record of providing outstanding service to machine shops and manufacturers.

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Companies making speciality products

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Manufacturers, Shops and distributors making and/or selling the majority of their parts in composites,
auminium, copper, lead, tin, titanium, zinc, brass, polyethylene, plant fibers, rubber and wood.

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International Machine Shops and Manufacturers
We love American Made products and services, but sometimes OEMs and other manufacturers need an international supplier so we are here to help. provides lists of machining suppliers from around the world. We have a few of our top international machine shop partners listed below. Check them out if you have a need for an overseas machining supplier.

Strategic Partners Offering Machine Shop Support, Networking,
Supplier Discovery and Advertising Opportunities

We encourage machine shops to use all resources to their advantage in this very competitive industry. Below you will see a list of partners that offer support to and to machine shops. Sites like offers an excellent supplier discovery platform and contains manufacturers with many different specialties and services ranging from metal finishing, to heat treating, to die casting and more. We highly advocate organizations like the NTMA which offers great networking opportunities for machine shops, as well as apprenticeship programs, HR, legal, and insurance support.

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B2B videos...From creating awareness of your company to acquiring new prospects, video is a powerful tool for the manufacturing and machine tool industry. Video has become one of the major ways prospective customers can see first-hand all the services and products your company offers, By posting your video on one of our websites below you will be able to choose the title that best describes your business. Just think of the time and travel you save with today's technology. Potential customers are as close as a video view and an Internet face-time call!
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